Blue Horizon is more than just a company. It is  what we envisioned for your company by providing the finest products available through our full-service insurance brokerage. There is quality and commitment behind everything we do at Blue Horizon, evidenced by our dedication and availability to you from day one of our relationship.

We are an independent insurance agency dedicated to our clients both big and small. Our goal is no less than 100% satisfaction from our customers in regards to service, quality products, negotiation, and proactive risk management.

Blue Horizon is a California based multi-line insurance brokerage delivering quality insurance products, research and advice to our clients. We have maintained high quality service while delivering in depth product analysis saving our clients valuable time and money.

When you choose Blue Horizon, you receive:

Reduced Costs

  • Negotiating lower premiums
  • Periodically reviewing your coverage and recommending changes
  • Transferring work to our agency; enrollment, answering questions Straightforward Information
  • Easy to understand materials
  • Bottom line scenarios
  • Interpret the legalese

Pro-Active Risk Management

  • Conduct studies about your environment
  • Identify your areas of weakness
  • Create safety programs
  • Arrange OSHA coordinated classes for employees

Health & Welfare Services

  • Create and produce employee benefit manuals and summaries
  • Provide Human Resource education
  • Supply employee support referrals
  • Design and implement customer surveys
  • Manage claims (including options to report directly to the insurance company or to our office, with Blue Horizon tracking the claims)
  • Address unique employee problems
  • Review contracts and provide explanations of terms and recommendations
  • Track regulation changes that may impact client coverage
  • Provide COBRA, HIPPA, ERISA, FMLA support

Property & Casualty Services

  • Policy reviews with explanations and summaries
  • Generate, track and distribute proof of insurance
  • Provide audit support
  • Pull and track motor vehicle reports (including access to the Pull Program)
  • Manage Claims - including customized forms to ensure complete information and accuracy from start to finish